The Belgo Road Series Exhibit

August 2023

A fantastic, fun evening with friends, family and community celebrating the work of French artist, Camille Saint-Jacques from Paris (Kate Hinkle’s brother-in-law). 

Exhibit featured watercolor works on paper for a series entitled, “The Belgo Road Series”, inspired by the beauty of its eponymous namesake.

Curated by Kate Hinkle and Barbara Hinkle-Azzara, the exhibit was displayed at local artisan shop, BES, in Millerton, NY owned by Erica Recto.

To learn more information about Camille’s work, please visit his website.
For available works from this series, please contact Erica at BES

2023.08.14_YOMA Textiles_Belgo Road_Camille St-Jacques (1)

L to R: Kate Hinkle, artist Camille Saint-Jacques, Barbara Hinkle-Azzara
Photography by Louie Herman.

Select Works

“Sometimes, in front of a landscape, it seems to me that the sky, the water, the earth, the vegetation merge and mix. I try to feel if this mixture is a starting point, an end point or a permanent state that I had not perceived until now, by distraction. I fold the paper to make it easy to store or to send in an envelope! A watercolor on paper is more fragile than an oil painting. In the past, Chinese painters used to keep the paintings rolled so they could change out their decor. When the art work is folded or rolled, you are free to see it or not, you control your pleasure.” 
– Artist, Camille Saint-Jacques

L to R: Barbara Hinkle-Azzara, Erica Recto, artist Camille Saint-Jacques, Kate Hinkle, Jimmy Ayoub
Photo by Louie Herman

Erica Recto, owner of BES with Artist Camille Saint-Jacques 
Photo by Jimmy Ayoub

L to R: EunHea Kim, Lee Olson, Christine, Kate Hinkle
Photo by Louie Herman

Artist Camille Saint-Jacques and Lee Olson

Kate Hinkle and Lee Olson of YOMA Textiles
Photo by Jimmy Ayoub