Our Mockingbird collection is superior quality man-made faux suede with incredible performance and cleanability.  It is appropriate for all interior applications, including walls.  Mockingbird is environmentally friendly as it is composed of recycled polyester, as well as being washable!
Non directional ie no body imprint for all applications.


Interior image of Shorham Hotel, courtesy of PKSB Architects.

  • 37000-Oatmeal 37000-Oatmeal
  • 3700101-Stone 3700101-Stone
  • 370011-Poppy 370011-Poppy
  • 37001202-Sky Blue 37001202-Sky Blue
  • 3700133-Camel 3700133-Camel
  • 3700166-Ginger 3700166-Ginger
  • 3700180-Beige 3700180-Beige
  • 370022-Slate Blue 370022-Slate Blue
  • 370023-Navy 370023-Navy
  • 370030-Straw 370030-Straw
  • 370040-Lichen 370040-Lichen
  • 3700440-Sage 3700440-Sage
  • 37006-Brick 37006-Brick
  • 3700658-White 3700658-White
  • 370077-Berry 370077-Berry
  • 37008-Brown 37008-Brown
  • 370081-Mink 370081-Mink
  • 370088-Cafe 370088-Cafe
  • 37009-Concrete 37009-Concrete
  • 3700909-Cinza 3700909-Cinza
  • 370091-Portobello 370091-Portobello
  • 370099-Black 370099-Black
  • 3700990-Grey Flannel 3700990-Grey Flannel
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