An exceptional linen quality velvet that enhances with age and use and the hand continually softens over time.  The color palette is made up of mostly rich neutrals with just a shot of color from the Cabernet colorway.

Subtle variations are characteristic of this natural beauty.

  • 78000-Creme 78000-Creme
  • 780011-Cabernet 780011-Cabernet
  • 780012-Azure 780012-Azure
  • 780016-Henna 780016-Henna
  • 780022-Blue 780022-Blue
  • 780030-Straw 780030-Straw
  • 780040-Lichen 780040-Lichen
  • 780042-Celadon 780042-Celadon
  • 780079-Platinum 780079-Platinum
  • 780081-Taupe 780081-Taupe
  • 7800881-Fawn 7800881-Fawn
  • 780089-Portobello 780089-Portobello
  • 780090-Smoke 780090-Smoke
  • 7800914-Greige 7800914-Greige
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